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memory machine by delici0us memory machine by delici0us
me and aaron pased this one back and forth.

i was originally going to keep it for personal reasons, but being the guy he is, he insisted i upload it here.

enjoy? :) (Smile)
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j3concepts Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2004
i do enjoy. excellent pencil work and layout... all round solid jazz!
kakar Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2004
shit, this is rad.
love it, totally... gonna fav it
azathoth-the-second Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
This is an awesome pic.:worship:

No colour needed at all. Greyscale suits it perfectly.:)
knock Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2003
i'm glad he insisted
incept Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2003
Nice work!

The background fits perfectly, it brings the focus to the subject, and has enough detail in itself to deserve it's own attention. Helps give a sense of time; as the character pauses to read the 'menu'.. wonder what's in there? :) (Smile)

I love the drawing, especially the memory machine itself, all those buttons, knobs and faders, and the style it was drawn in is fantastic :D (Big Grin)

Great job, the both of you!

*saves to desktop*
necrophagous Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003  Professional General Artist
made me totally speechless!
love it!
mick-mick Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2003  Hobbyist Interface Designer
This speaks to me..
It reminds me of school.
I had a radio in my bag and books in my looker.
Music at the heart.
stitch-626 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2003
nice work... i wonder what he's thinking tho ;) (Wink)
transic Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2003
Tight illustration, uniquely stylized and the 2D in back adds a nice modern flare. Interesting concept behind this as well... the tube to the heart, demonstrating how emotions interconnect with mentality is a great symbolic component to the piece. Superb work!
getcarter Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003   Photographer
I need this machine, great work!
difusion Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
awsome drawing i dont think it needs any color it looks fine to me
summerheart Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
Love it.
freezejeans Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
Excellent collab--I could use one of those machines myself :D (Big Grin) Love the style as well, you should do more!
syrogen Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
this is awesome. i love the drawing style, it reminds me of dr.seuss
animepimp Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003  Student
wow. Hey thats cool. :) (Smile)
ink-brains2 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003   Photographer
this is a sweet depiction of memory... its nice to humanize machines we often take for granted :) (Smile)
zeroskyy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
i think i need one of those things Nod

very wonderfully done
bookdiva Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Sweetness! I like the chaotic look to it, but then time/the past, has so much chaos...and I like the human feel to it, the compassion, both chaos and compassion.

Creative lines and flow, well done, a bit of nostalgia and a bit of the modern.
deludedchild Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
thank you Jamie,
I was already getting bored of my old wallpapers, wonderful freehand here Thumbs Up
halfliquid Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
the wacoming work is excellent -- that really sketchy 'n blobby feel shines.

and the technical pixel work looks like real fun to make and fits well with the sketch -- i think it looks amazing by itself as well.


i think perhaps the pixel work should have went and extended all the way to the left though -- that white space looks weird all, erm ... white!

produkt Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003  Professional Artist
the wheels turn.
great messy job. i love messy shading -- i can definately see jasinski's style in this. you guys work extremely well together; very creative and quirky.

yeah and what they said about the meaning and crap =P (Razz)

i dig.
liqachu Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
looks great, the character is really nice and the bg is weird yet fits really well

gj :) (Smile)
onestar Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Great...but reel-to-reel tape?

Ever hear of digital? :D (Big Grin)

Cool piece...obviously you two are quite talented. :) (Smile)

Thumbs Up
flash12 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
this is errrr what's the word im looking for.....i dunno i forget;) (Wink)

great job =D (Big Grin)
adam1975 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
I love the plug onto her heart - very nice touch.

Great collab, guys - very impressive. I can see the blending of both styles, and they compliment each other nicely.
buildingclimber Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
An excellent and very expressive rendering .. I think color would be distracting .. it stands as is .
dj-designs Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Cool, the thing on his back reminds me of ghostbusters!
digi-fix Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Lovely man, really nice.
-freddy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Very interesting illustration.

Really enjoy the style here.
ez3k1el Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
Very good piece of art. Simplistic, abstract and artistic. Style of drawing is quite intresting and attracting. Id invert the colours tough, dont know why. ;) (Wink)

arnaudmeyer Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
I like the way it is sketched, and the combination of traditional drawing with vector like lines...

The idea is awesome, very poetical, and also very industrial, this huge machine in our back, which is symbolism for the ability of our brain to record everything in a small small place... (I don't mean my brain's small, I just say it's smaller than this machine ;) (Wink) )

Nice view, lovely drawin'.
wicked-eve Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
great work guys.
i love the original of this...and the extra's are a treat.
splendid work!! :D (Big Grin)
boomslice Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
I agree with the others...
great concept, but color would really make this shine.

Let's see it!
sundome Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
wow this is fing tight,

great job...

the background is a perfect addition
dynamiteboy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
incredible design. good idea. and awesome lines. this is an awesome piece of work.

sciphex Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
wonderful work
loved this the first time, looks great again
thrawn Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
that is so perfect. omg.

great work, the both of you. I can tell what you added jamie :) (Smile)
PLEASE color this...I wanna use it as a wall, but the greyscale just won't work ;) (Wink)
alteredreality Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
This looks amazing. Simple `mysticsick said, lots of icon room so i dont have to cover up the image. Tremendously well done...go jaime and aaron! :-) (Smile)
mysticsick Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
oh wow, i just looked closer....and figured id comment on jasinskis controbution of the drawing a bit.

I love this piece. Its very open to interpretation. The most obvious being that this neat little machine records memories. However, i see the sadness on her face...and the curve of her back. The way the machine seems to weigh on her looks like its causing an awful pain. She has the burden and stress of remembering so many things. As the wheels in her head turn, so do those on the machine and the world turns as well. Its all a cycle of turning things that just create pressure and stress. Really quite sad and wonderful at the same time. There is a connection between everything. Great addition of the phrase 'the wheels turn' i love everything about this... this is my new background.

great work the both of you.
mysticsick Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
beautiful. id always loved that piece... props to both you and ` jasinski

i like this a lot because i love having a nice minimalist background. while this doesnt fit the classic definition of minimalism, there is a lot of space around...which is nice because i can place icons without obstructing the picture.

I love how the person stands out from the slightly faded and softened gray background. It emphasizes the person, while not having them be alone in the frame. I think it may be nice with just the person though. I could take or leave the backdrop. But you certaintly did nice work on it.

The white bar on the side is good for nice organized icon space, but i think just for continuity, you should have bought the gray backdrop across. It wouldnt be too distracting from the image if icons were put there.

Great work. Im just a nitpick...
triopt Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
would make an awesome cd cover.... great job
eatyourguitar Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
wish it had color de estomigo
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