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August 22, 2002
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all alike by delici0us all alike by delici0us
props from the mentor...

well this was a hard one for me to do.

i sat down and thought, what is it, about school. and the deepest darkest side of me came out, and this is what i produced. i'm proud.

the original photo was taken by me, and the typo and everything is by me.

i hope you all like it, and are not scared to talk to me still ;) (Wink)

/me crosses his fingers

would LOVE your thoughts!
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Wow... that's an awesome piece. I really love how you can just look at it and get the emotion... very powerful. :)
frail Jun 5, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*jumps up and down*

Ok, normally in my initial reaction to a piece I try to separate my emotion into rational thought, so that I can peice together why I like or dislike a particular work... and then I can appropriately critique it. But I can't suppress this emotion. It overwhelms me because I can feel it with every inch of my being. It's like nostalgia, but it's evil twin brother. It's almost a hatred for school. No, no, not hatred... more like disgust.

"I already know all this shit! Dammit!" "Can't you see that? If I can program the calculator to do this for me, don't you think I know how to do this already?!"

I absolutely +favlove this piece. This will be one of my all-time favorites for a long time coming. Ok... got that out... on with the critique!

There is definite evidence of the grunge style of design in this piece, which works very well for the message that you are trying to convey. It seems very remniscient of code from a code editor where instead of color, typeface is used to differentiate between the parts of code. This works well in this piece to trick the eye into reading all of the copy.

The repetition of "damn kid" creates instant recognition of the copy therefore enticing the eye to read more. Though, I think that perhaps it's the brighter color of the text smack dab in the middle of the page that really gets the eye to read "damn kid" (due to instant recognition.) The use of '>>' immediately following the repeated text invites the eye to read what is beyond it, rather than merely notice it's color. Once that has been read the viewer desires a more comprehensive understanding of the text and thusly reads above....

Though, I looked at the chalk board first. My eye was intrigued to know what exactly this was an image of. I wanted to know what these lines were that were taking my eye down towards the time, 6:30AM. The chalkboard is quite clever in tying together the copy and giving real purpose to it. So, that in mind I move on to the top of the page, desiring a better understanding of the text in the middle.

After reading the text it was like an atomic bomb went off in a dark, long forgotten (with good reason!) recess of my soul. Damn... there goes that emotion again.... (dammit! I'm trying to do a critique!) OK OK moving on...

So, the lines of the text draw my eye across the page towards the right edge, to admire the intricacy of the... doodles? Does that represent doodling on paper in class?

/me smiles wryly

Well, my eye is pulled down the left edge of the piece to notice further doodles in the bottom right corner. But these aren't ordinary doodles, they are meaningful words describing worries of a high school student, a senior perhaps. Nicely separated emotions by the use of font face. Some intriguing statements there, the strongest of which is "future?" Perhaps a display of doubt about alot of these things...

Looking further into this piece I begin to notice alot of faint question marks. Much like a faint attempt at an almost subliminal message. Seems like you definitely intended for that to be the last thing that was noticed, though I fear that it is integral to the meaning of this piece and perhaps should have been a touch stronger. I say this only because I fear that many deviants are nothing more than casual observers and wouldn't notice this.

Looking into this piece even more, I notice the faint remnants of an image of an open door. My eye is drawn out the door by the line from the chalk holder on the chalkboard. It really seems almost like a high school track (like the kind you run on) headed out of the door, sending a message: "Get me the HELL outta here!"

The cracks in the wall in the top left corner are interesting as well, and are necessary to help the eye around the page, like a boy scout to an old woman. (yes, your eye is an old woman! :P (Lick) ) Lastly, the faded sine graph and justified repeating horizontal dashes support the overall grunge look and assist in tying all the copy together. The only thing that I can't explain (mainly to myself) are the 2 circles in the top left corner and a bit below... what does that mean (or purpose serve?)

If you can't tell, I absolutely LOVE this piece. The emotion that it conjuors (so I can't speel)... it's on fire in monochrome. If only I had a print...
......... just realized this is like 8 months old and the contest is probly over =]
this is awesome. I've been fond of The Mentors last words for years. This picture fits his manifesto very well. +fav hope you win
i sure do hate school
djnickyb May 13, 2003   Digital Artist
this is money,
I like it, reminds me of pink floyd,
remember that movie the wall?
Hackers Manifesto, no?
that's awesome. the way you put it together is amazing. nice!
this is so coooooooooool :) (Smile)
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